Roman Gregorička:

Miloš suprised us with very bright and colourful diverse style of artworks. It is possible to see, that he works very well and fairly on his work. All jobs with him were very straight and quick with precise style and capability of keeping up schedule. We have very good experiences with him and we had put him straight into big projects. We count with his services from now on.

Pavel Chodúr:

Fascinating precise works with sense of cool and sophisticated design is Milošes standard. He has a sense od creating appropriate athmosphere in certain works. It is possible to feel mood from each piece of his art. We had put him into machine of our projects and it had started our engine, so we could be capable of proceeding work with better mood and energy.


Martin Pristaš:

Its possible to feel Milošes attitude on our web pages and he has very good feature to extract what we need in design. His style is known for his great measure of resourcefulness. He has a big talent for drawing and sense of quality so we like to cooperate with him. We definitely count with him on our future projects as a reliable freelancer. To work with Miloš is a great inspiriation also for our projects.